There are a couple of places that I regularly check to keep updated on the technology news.

1. TechCrunch

2. ReadWrite

3. Hackernews

4. AnandTech

If there is anything else that you know of, let me know.

Recently I had a scuffle with ACT Broadband. Details of the email exchange is given below.

Mail #1

from: anees k A
date: Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 10:03 AM
subject: Very bad customer service and technical support


Day 1 : On 29th January I registered a complaint when my internet stopped working. Complaint number – 0001656542

Day 2 :After 2 says, on 31st January, at 8:20PM I received an SMS saying that the issue is resolved. When I checked, my internet was still not working. So I reopened the ticket.

Day 3 : On 1st February, at 7:06PM I received another SMS saying the issue is resolved. When I checked I found that the internet is still not working. Again I reopened the ticket.

Day 4 :On 2nd February I called customer care at around 10AM to know the status of the issue.
I wanted to know why the issue was marked as resolved without verification from me. He had no reply.
I specifically asked for a person to be sent to my place to check the connection that day. He assured me before 7:30PM someone would visit my premises to fix the problem. Also said that the technicians work from 10:30AM to 7:30PM

Day 4 :So at 6PM on 2nd February, I called customer care again to know when they are sending the technician.
Kiran, the customer care person said that the technician wont come on Sunday as it is not a working day for them
Also he said their working hours is from 9:30AM to 6:30PM and they sometimes work overtime to resolve the issue.
When I asked why I was lied to by the customer care in the morning, he had no answer.
He advised me to wait another 24 business hours to fix the problem.
Day 5 : On February 3rd, at 1:15PM I received a call from a technician (Mobile No – 8884439302) saying that the issue is resolved. Since I was at work and couldn’t check the connection, I asked to wait till 6:30PM for me to verify the connection and not close the issue before that.

Day 5: At 6:45PM I called the technical person to inform that the internet is still no working. He said he will check and call back. When I tried to reach him at 7:30PM, the mobile was switched off.

Day 6: So far I have not received any call or update.

This is extremely frustrating as for the last 6 months I was very happy with the service.

But now I find that people are lying to my face when asked for status. I had to call customer care twice a day to get things moving. I find it extremely offensive that the technical people close the issue after 8PM without confirming the same with me. Why is no one held accountable for their action in your firm?

Please give me a realistic date when you think the issue can be resolved.

Read more…

Open up your .bashrc file located in your home folder and add the following entry

export TERM=xterm

Save and exit the file. To start using that feature, source the contents of the file like this

source .bashrc

and then next time onwards you close vim, the annoying vim window is no longer retained in the screen :)

The recent release of wordpress 3.8.1 has an issue with the API - wp_get_attachment_metadata() . It will throw up an error when you try to get the file type of an attachment which is not an image.

As an example, the following code fails when a PDF is included in the Media Library.

$list = array();
foreach ($media_query->posts as $post) {
    $metadata = wp_get_attachment_metadata($post->ID);
    $filename = dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__)));
    $filename = $filename.”/uploads/”;
    $filename = $filename.$metadata["file"]; // fails for an attachment of type PDF
    $list[] = $filename;

In order to get around the problem, I used the following code.

$list = array();
foreach ($media_query->posts as $post) {
    $strings = wp_get_attachment_url($post->ID);
    $filename = dirname(dirname(dirname(__FILE__)));
    $filename = $filename.$needle;
    $filename = $filename.substr(strstr($strings, $needle), strlen($needle));
    $list[] = $filename;

Recently I tried to bid for a lens in . That experience left me with a profound appreciation of the client-serer model.

Till the last 30 second, I would be the one with the max bid. But once the timer reach under 10s, the bids start to pour in. Its hard to keep up with the onslaught of bids in those decisive moments. Nothing will prepare you for the deep sorrow you will feel when you see the bid being won by some random guy!

Just wanted to share that.

Since wordpress is a connection driven system, cron jobs in their UNIX sense doesn’t exist inside of wordpress.

In a traditional UNIX environment, you schedule a job using cron and once the timer is expired, the cron job will be run. In the case of wordpress, you can schedule a cron job to be executed in a later point of time. But because of the connection driven nature of the system, wordpress needs a user to visit the site to execute the cron job after the expiry of the timer.

So what that means is that wordpress cron is not a real cron job. It is a “work around” for a cron job. The important take away from this post is that wp_schedule_single_event() can schedule an event. But it needs a user to visit the site once the timer mentioned in the even is expired.

So … there!

When would bitcoins rise to prominence in public’s eyes?

A hollywood heist film releases with Ocean’s 14 trying to steal Bitcoins! That’s when.

GMail recently introduced a featured called Categories – in which you can categorize mails as Primary, Social,Promotions,Updates and Forums.

gmail tabs view

I disabled this featured today.

It is not that feature is useful, it is not perfect. I was annoyed with the system because of the following reason.

  • It failed to recognize certain emails as Social and ending up in Primary view.
  • The categorization is auto. I couldn’t figure out a way to tell GMail to put certain mails in to specific tab.
  • If I had to tell GMail what to do, I would much rather use labels and create a rule to that effect.

So I bid Goodbye to category view for the time being. Let GMail perfect it (like the spam detection), then I will happily consider using it again.

Everything nowadays updates automatically. Why can’t wordpress do that too?

I maintain multiple wordpress sites owned by . Keeping each and every site up-to-date is a real challenge. Each sites needs to be logged in, select Dashboard menu, select all the plugin that needs to be updated and then finally click update. Imagine doing this for 20 different sites!

It would be very nice to have an automatic update option built into wordpress. Since no such option exist as of now, I posed the question to wordpress forum. One of the users kindly suggested Advanced Automatic Updates. I have installed this in one of the sites. Not sure how this would fare. I will update this page if I like what I see. :)

Where to register

At a nearest Sevana Office.

Documents Required for Registration

1. Application form (to be collected from Sevana Office) – 2 copy

2. Age and Address Proof – SSLC/Birth Certificate/Passport/Driving Licence – 1 attested copy

3.  Wedding Photo – 1 copy

4. Wedding Invitation Card – 1 copy

5. Wedding Certificate from your respective religion – Original

6. Rs.5/- Court Fee Stamp

7. Passport Size Photo of each of the couple – 2 copy each

8. If marriage registered is more than 45 day old, Form II needs to be produced.

9. Produce 2 witness and their ID Proof – A copy of SSLC/Passport/Voters ID/Driving License


Time for registration is from 10:30AM to 3:00PM

Certificate Download

A PDF of the issued marriage certificate cane be obtained from this site – link