I know. I know I have added the new Facebook commenting system to my blog the day it was released. But I don’t think I will ever use it any of my other blogs.


1. No way for me to comment anonymously. For some, it is good – but not for me

2. Why in the world would I want to comment using my FB account? And that alone? I have other profiles which I may want to use. ( Although they support a few, thats not enough )

3. You cannot use the “Close comments after __ days” feature of wordpress. Because if you do, the whole comment section + comments are not displayed.

4. Cannot export/import comments. Extremely annoying since FB is changing commenting system all the time, most of the comments are lost.

5. Cannot search inside FB comments. Hard to look for a useful comment. If there are thousands of them, first you will have to load all and then use search feature of the browser.

The good part ?

1. Its easy – to comment and implement

2. Better than the last version. Because in the previous version, there was  aUUID to keep track of comments. With this that dependency is lost

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