I wanted to add or rather insert Google ads inside a wordpress post. The solution 1 described in this page works fine.

Although there is a little something to keep in mind to make it work which the post mentioned above forgot to add.

Important Points to Remember

  • Don’t add the text “<!-googlead->” to the Visual edit window of wordpress. It won’t work because wordpress will convert it to “&lt;!-googlead-&gt;” in the source.
  • So goto HTML view of the editor, and then paste the code “<!-googlead->” to where ever you want it to appear.
  • Note:Also Once you add the tag to a wordpress post in HTML view, going back to the Visual editor mode will cause the tag to be lost from the post source. I don’t know why. But I have seen it to be so. Any clarification from anyone is welcome.

That’s all.

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